NE Child Poverty Commission

The North East Child Poverty Commission brings together stakeholders including academics and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector with the aim of building public and political support for actions that improve the lives of poor children living in the North East of England.

The PSE team has forged strong links with The North East Child Poverty Commission through their research and policy coordinator Stephen Crossley, based at Durham University’s Institute for Local Governance. Through The Commission, the PSE shares information, resources and expertise around child poverty policy issues, such as the government's consultation on Child Poverty Measurement.

We also participate in Commission events. See for example a conference we co-hosted, ‘Troubled families’, at Durham University in March 2013.

Browse the Commission’s blog, check out an article by PSE team member, Kirsten Besemer and look back at the Commission’s blog on the first round of PSE findings. The Commission also contributes articles to the PSE website: see The forgotten poor:refugees and asylum seekers and The measurement of poverty: a sham consultation.

For more information on the North East Child Poverty Commission, contact Stephen Crossley.

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