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Online versions of the PSE surveys

The Breadline Britain and Poverty and Social Exclusion surveys pioneered using public opinion to set minimum living standards and this latest research has again asked people which items and activities from a wide range of aspects of our way of life should be seen as necessities for living in the United Kingdom today.

In this section, you can take part in an online version of the PSE: UK 2012 attitudes to necessities survey. There are separate online surveys for adult and child necessities which you can access from the left-hand menu. When you have completed these, you can compare your results with others taking the survey online.  You might find this a useful resource for teaching.

To look at the results from the nationally representative sample interviewed in face to face interviews for the PSE UK research project during 2012, visit Explore the Data. If you are interested in finding out more about the development of the PSE questionnaires, visit the PSE: UK 2012 section.


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