Methods development

The first stage of the PSE: UK research involved producing a series of working papers to review developments in methods for measuring poverty, deprivation, social exclusion and standard of living. The overall aim of this series of working papers was to advance our knowledge and understanding of how best to conceptualise and measure poverty and social exclusion. Improvements were made to both the Necessities of Life questionnnaire and the main Standards of Living questionnaires used in PSE 1999 survey and the PSE Northern Ireland 2002/3 survey. The final questionnaire used in the 2012 surveys, with top line results, can be found under Questionnaires. In addition, the project team reviewed the qualitative work to be undertaken under this grant. 

The views expressed in these working papers are those of the author(s). The papers are published under the Creative Commons licence and you may copy and distribute them as long as the Creative Commons licence is retained and attribution given to the original author(s).

Methods series working papers