Conceptual notes

Conceptual notes are a series of short papers on the key themes of the PSE: UK research, themes which go to the heart of current policy debates on poverty and social exclusion. The papers provide a short guide to both current research knowledge and the contribution the PSE: UK research will make. They are aimed at A level, Scottish highers and undergraduate level. Themes to be covered include parenting, child poverty, economic resources, well-being, social exclusion, community and family support, mental health, health and disability, public and private services, housing and the local area, employment and economic participation, political and civic participation, social participation, intra-household poverty, crime and harm, and older people.

The views expressed in these conceptual notes are those of the author(s). The papers are published under the Creative Commons licence and you may copy and distribute them as long as the Creative Commons licence is retained and attribution given to the original author(s).

Conceptual notes series