FRS deprivation findings 2005/06 to 2009/10

The deprivation questions in the Family Resources Survey are asked annually and provide a way to track progress since 2004/05. Below you can see the changes in Northern Ireland during that period. The graph shows the proportion of persons living in households with incomes below 60 per cent of UK median income (before housing costs are deducted) who lack each of the items because they cannot afford it.


During this period the levels of deprivation in Northern Ireland worsened in significant respects. Almost one-fifth of people on low incomes could not afford to keep their accommodation adequately warm in 2009/10 and one-fifth could not afford to keep their home in a decent state of decoration – significant rises on earlier years. In addition, in 2009/10, a half could not afford one week’s holiday and over one-third were unable to replace worn out furniture or repair/replace broken electrical goods.