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Name Institution Testimonial
Dr Spyros Themelis Middlesex University  We appreciate the outstanding work done at the PSE, which we utilise as a key course resource.
Martina Boggian Teacher, private college, Dulwich, London I found the website useful to stress the fact that Poverty is not an issue only in developing countries but closer to us than we think. The students are always very surprised when they see the word Poverty next to the word Europe and US. As a consequence their essays and speaking topics are more interesting now because they can link it to their own Country. I like the website but I think it could be better if the layout was more student friendly, i.e. bullet points. Thank you very much for this useful resource.
Jan Sharp Hyndland Secondary School, Glasgow The video clips on your website are used for several lessons we do at National 4/5 Level of the Scottish Modern Studies Curriculum where we study Health and Wealth Inequalities. Thank You.
Dr Isabel Crowhurst Kingston University I am a grateful user of your website in a number of respects: I have used your articles in my lectures and seminars in different ways and with different pedagogical objectives. For example, I used Nick Bailey’s article on unethical research in my methodology classes. [Nick Bailey's article can be accessed here: Policy based on unethical research]
Bonnie Downing K College (Further Education), Kent Hi. I just wanted to say how brilliant I think this website is! I teach A level Sociology to 16-19 year olds at an FE College. We're with the AQA exam board and one of the modules which I teach of "Wealth, Poverty and Welfare".
Joe Gibbs BSc Economics, Student I am really enjoying studying economics at the moment and find your essays and the articles on the site really useful. The interactive data from the surveys are also very interesting, but sometimes contradictory?
Dr Wanda Wyporska Association of Teachers and Lecturers Please add me to your mailing list as I would like to research and your news updates. Can I quote, acknowledged of course, some info from your excellent response to the Measuring Child Poverty Consultation response, in our response please?
Dr Félix Angulo Universidad de Cádiz-Spain Congratulations for the web page. A good idea and an excellent action.
Tasha Ramparas Medical Student Pension reform should focus on women had this response from Tasha: "The fact that women are discriminated against in pension schemes’ design is not surprising given that many companies still ignore the stipulations in the Equal Pay Act with impunity! This injustice should not go unchallenged. Thanks to Dr Foster and the PSE group for exposing this additional inequity imposed on women. Thank you!".
Alex.S Student, Liverpool University

Commenting on A more unequal country? written by Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack: Alex wrote, "An excellent and really useful commentary which gives very helpful background for a paper I'm writing on Thatcherism."

Lauren Core United Nations Development Programme We are very interested in building a partnership with the Poverty and Social Exclusion (PSE) initiative. We believe that there are many cooperation areas and knowledge and material sharing potential that will facilitate information gathering and distribution of research on both sides. We would be particularly pleased to contribute articles to your website related to our publications and events.


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