Solomon Islands percentage can't afford necessities

Items considered to be essential Lack, can't afford
Enough money to purchases goods (household) 76%
Outdoor lesiure equipment (children) 68%
Enough money to replace broken furniture (household) 68%
Having own means of transport (household) 64%
Money for hospital visits for family and friends (adult) 54%
Get with family and friends for drink or meal (adult) 51%
Have all prescribed medicines (household) 48%
Presents once a year (adult) 48%
New, properly fitting shoes (children) 48%
Make regular savings for emergencies (household) 48%
One meal with meat or fish daily (children) 45%
Participation in school trips (children) 44%
Two pairs of properly fitting shoes (adults) 43%
Replace worn out clothes (adults) 37%
Some new, not second-hand clothes (children) 33%
A suitable place to study or do homework (children) 33%
Small amount of money to spend each week (adult) 31%
Celebrations on special occasions (children) 30%
School unifrom and equiment (children) 21%
Enoguh beds for every child (children) 17%
Clothes forsocial or family occasions (adult) 14%
Three meals a day (children) 9%
Two meals a day (adults) 3%

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