Mexico views on necsssities

Item Percentage seeing item as 'very necessary' or 'necessary'
To have a fridge 94%
To have a pension for old age 93%
To have life insurance 87%
To have a tv 87%
To have telephone 86%
To be entitled for a housing credit granted by public institution 85%
To have retirement savings, system of retirement savings 84%
To have a boiler or water heater 73%
To be entiteld to a nursery or day care centre for child 69%
To go for walks at least once a month 60%
To have a computer 61%
To have fan 55%
To celebrate people's birthday 47%
To have a microwave 47%
To have a dvd player 41%
To have a heating system 32%
To have time for going out with friends 30%
To have climate air conditioning 30%

Table showing % seeing item as 'very necessary' or 'necessary' from Mexico EDUMP survey 2007. From workings by Yedith Betzabé Guillén Fernández in his phd thesis 'A comparative study between UK and Mexico'

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