Items considered essential in Benin and percentage whose needs for that item are satisified

Item% Essential% More or less necessary% No, not necessary% respondents reporting needs "not at all satsified"
Need to have access to drinking water 84%15%0%26%
Need to take care of oneself when sick 84%16%0%19%
Having a stable and long-term job 82%18%1%n/a
Need to be able to send children to school 79%20%1%13%
Need to have access to electricity 77%22%2%46%
Need to have three meals per day 74%24%2%7%
Need to have a house 71%24%5%16%
Need to have a radio 71%28%1%n/a
Need to have mode of transportation 68%30%2%31%
Need to take care of own body (soap, barber etc.)67%32%1%11%
A good meal on festivities/celebrations (Sunday, ceremony, etc.) 64%33%4%7%
Need to have personal care products 62%36%2%15%
Need to have tables and beds 62%36%2%36%
Have a change of clothes (at least two) 61%36%2%10%
Need to have a spacious house 59%37%4%n/a
Need to be able to buy a television 59%38%4%n/a
Need to have several sets of shoes 58%38%4%10%
Need to have meat or fish every day 57%36%7%10%
Need to be able to take a taxi 56%42%2%n/a
Need to have birth control 55%37%8%n/a
Need to have cereals or food made from roots or tubers every day 51%37%12%5%
Need to take vacation 51%43%6%22%
Need to be able to take the bus 45%46%9%n/a
Need to be able to buy presents when needed 44%51%5%n/a
Need to have vegetables every day 43%40%17%5%
Need to work day and night 17%24%60%n/a

Source: Source: Calculated from Benin DHS 2006; N =17,483