Child items do not have

Child items (% of children)% saying necessityHasDoesn't have, does not wantDoesn't have, can't affordNot allocated
A warm winter coat97%97%1%1%0%
Books at home suitable for their ages91%97%1%2%0%
Three meals a day93%97%2%1%0%
Indoor games suitable for their ages80%95%2%1%1%
Fresh fruit or vegetables at least once a day96%95%2%3%0%
Some new, not second hand, clothes65%95%1%4%0%
Meat, fish or vegetarian equivalent at least once a day90%94%1%3%1%
New, properly fitting shoes93%94%2%4%1%
At least four pairs of trousers56%93%1%5%1%
A garden or outdoor space nearby92%92%2%5%1%
A suitable place at home to study or do homework89%92%2%5%1%
Computer and internet for homework66%90%2%6%2%
Enough bedrooms for every child of 10 or over of a different sex74%84%4%11%1%
Outdoor leisure equipment58%81%11%6%2%
Construction toys53%70%23%5%3%
Pocket money54%69%13%16%2%
Money to save54%60%6%33%1%