Child deprivation, Uganda, 2016/17

Child itemEssential %Don't have, can't afford %
Own bed81%74%
Two pairs of properly-fitting shoes79%71%
Presents for children once a year on special occasions 54%70%
Own blanket85%66%
Some new clothes70%63%
Books at home for their age71%59%
Three meals a day96%48%
A desk and chair for homework 55%45%
Educational toys and games53%44%
Bus/taxi fare or other transport68%41%
To be able to participate in school trips69%38%
All fees, uniforms of correct size and equipment88%34%
A visit to the health facility when ill and all prescribed medication97%33%
Toiletries to be able to wash every day93%29%
Two sets of clothing94%17%
Own room for children over 10 of different sexes76%17%
Child deprivation, Uganda

UNHS 2016/17, N= 41,088 children