Child deprivation in South Korea

Item Percentage of children who 'don't have' item
Regular leisure activities 35%
Outdoor leisure equipment 26%
Opportunity for celebrations 22%
Fresh fruits each day 19%
Meat/fish/veg once a day 16%
Indoor games 15%
Opportunity to invite friends 14%
Suitable books 13%
Three meals a day 12%
Quiet place for study 9%
Money for school trips 8%
Some new clothes 6%
Two pairs of fitting shoes 4%
Internet connection 2%

2013 Korean National Children Survey. From: Multidimensional Child Poverty in Korea: Developing Child-Specific Indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals’, Eunju Kim and Shailen Nandy, Child Ind Res (2018) 11:1029–1050

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