Attitudes to necessities, Japan, 2011

Item Percentage seeing item as 'definitely necessary'
To be able to go to the doctor when needed 95%
To be able to go to the dentist when needed 93%
Two meals a day (for adults) 88%
Refridgerator/freezer 88%
To be able to pay rent/gas/water/electricity 85%
Clothes washer 83%
Beds and futons for everyone in the household 77%
Insurance premium for pension (or receving pension) 75%
Meat, fish, tofu or other protein every day 75%
Internet access 74%
Veg more than once a day 74%
Medicine which can be brought without prescription (colds, pain, etc) 68%
Vacuum cleaner 68%
Family's own bath (bath and shower) 68%
Family's own kitchen 67%
Family's own toilet 66%
Telephone at home (stationary or mobile) 65%
TV 65%
Room with sunshine 64%
New underwear at once a year 60%
Curtains or blinds 59%
Insurance for death disability or sickness 58%
Fire detector 58%
Comfort wear for home 58%
Savings for emergencies (>50,000 yen) 57%
To be able to fund a relative's wedding/funeral (including gifts) 52%
Money to spend on your own (>1,000 yen/week) 52%
Suits for interviews at work 51%
Transportation costs for buses and trains (not long distance) 48%
Transportation costs to see family and friends 47%
Airconditioning 47%
Winter coat 45%
Hot water boilers 44%
Table where all family can sit 43%
Fire damage insurance for home contents 41%
Microwave oven 39%
To be able to save every month 38%
Multiple bedrooms (for households with more than a couple) 38%
Bicycle 34%
Books (including used books) 33%
Automobile 33%
Going to get hair cut once a month man, once every two months women) 33%
Fruits more than once a day 30%
A place where one can be alone in the house 30%
New Year's celebrations 27%
Special clothes for weddings funerals etc 25%
Gifts for family and friends once a year 24%
Hobby or sport to mingle with people 23%
Neighbourhood clubs, women's clubs, children's clubs, etc 20%
Hairdryer 20%
Mobile phone for each adult in the household 20%
Separate bedrooms from dining room 19%
Money to use on e recreation or study eg books, dvds (>3000 yen/month) 17%
An overnight family trip at least once a year 16%
Washlet (toilet seat with automatice water heater) 14%
Computer 14%
Money to go out dining with colleagues 14%
Camera 13%
Internet access at home 13%
Veranda or garden 12%
Eating out (2,3 times a month) 12%
Money to got to movies, museums etc (more than once a month) 9%
Sofa, long chair or other relaxing chair 9%
DVD, blue ray or video equipment 9%
Audio set 9%
Autobike or scooter 4%
Mobile music player (ipod etc) 3%

Percentage thinking item 'defintitely necessary' for 67 items using version B question from 2011 Perception of necessities survey, 2011, NIPSR. Source Aya Abe presentation to seminar 2012

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