Benin - surveys

In 2006, the Demographic and Household Survey for Benin ran a module on household poverty to ascertain people's perceptions of necessities and the degreeto which they felt these needs were met for them and their families.  Questionnaires(in English) were translated into the main languages of Benin (French, Adja, Bariba, Fon, Dendi, Ditamari and Yoruba), and interviews conducted mainly in French but also in Adja, Bariba, Fon, Dendi, Ditamari, and Yoruba.The  English and French lanuage version of this module can be downloaded below. 

Further details on the use of the consensual method can be found in the section on Benin under World. See also:

'Applying the consenusal method of estimating poverty in a low income country' (pdf), Shailen Nandy and Marco Pomati, Social Indicators Research(2015).

'L’approche consensuelle de mesure de la pauvreté : une application au cas du Bénin' (pdf), S. Nandy, M. Pomati and A. Lenoël1, STATECO N°110, 2016

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