Wealthiest 20 per cent own nearly two-thirds of all household wealth

Sharp inequalities persist in the distribution of household wealth, according to the latest official statistics.

The figures come from the second wave of the official Wealth and Assets Survey – a longitudinal survey of how wealth is distributed among households in Great Britain. The latest survey covers the period 2008–2010.

Key points

  • The wealthiest 20 per cent of households own 62 per cent of total household wealth.
  • The wealthiest 20 per cent of households have 91 times more aggregate total wealth than the poorest 20 per cent of households.
  • The wealthiest 10 per cent of households are over four times wealthier than the poorest 50 per cent of households combined.

Source: Wealth in Great Britain Wave 2, 2008–2010 (Part 2), Office for National Statistics
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