‘Hidden’ workers trapped in low-paid, insecure jobs

‘Hidden’ workers employed by public service contractors are often trapped in low-paid, insecure jobs where being badly treated is a normal part of working life, according to a trade union report.

The report summarises a two-year project to help the workers involved.

Key findings

  • As many as 1 in 4 people working in public services (around 1.2 million in total) are now employed by private contractors. Many are migrant workers.
  • Outsourced workers often face poor working conditions and have only limited knowledge of their employment rights.
  • Vulnerability and insecurity make workers scared to challenge abuse of their employment rights.
  • Trade unions have a clear role in countering unrestrained managerial power and restoring the dignity of vulnerable workers.

Source: The Hidden Workforce, UNISON

Link: Report