Child poverty map of UK

Rates of child poverty vary widely between different local areas, according to a 'map' of poverty rates produced by the End Child Poverty campaign coalition.

The map shows child poverty rates by parliamentary constituency, local authority and ward. The data is for mid-2012, using a measure of child poverty as close as possible to that used by the government nationally.

Key points

  • The east London constituency of Poplar and Limehouse has a child poverty rate of 41 per cent, compared with just 7 per cent in Richmond in west London.
  • In the north west region of England, 38 per cent of children in Manchester are poor, compared with just 7 per cent in nearby Ribble Valley.
  • The three local authority areas with the highest rates of child poverty are Tower Hamlets in London (42 per cent), Manchester (38) and Middlesbrough (37).
  • Eight parliamentary constituencies have child poverty rates of 40 per cent or more – Manchester Central (47 per cent), Belfast West (43), Glasgow North East (43), Birmingham Ladywood (42), London Bethnal Green and Bow (42), Liverpool Riverside (42), London Poplar and Limehouse (41) and Middlesbrough (40).
  • There are 69 local wards where between 50 per cent and 68 per cent of children face poverty.

Commenting on the data, End Child Poverty said: "The huge disparities that exist across the country have become more entrenched and are now an enduring reality as many more children are set to become trapped in long term poverty and disadvantage".

Source: Matt Padley and Donald Hirsch, Child Poverty Map of the UK, End Child Poverty
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