Supporting children in poverty – official guidance

Government guidance has been published on how to help families, parents and children overcome the causes and consequences of disadvantage and poverty. It is based on evaluation evidence from the child poverty pilots conducted between 2009 and 2011.

The guidance is aimed at local authorities and their partner organisations in the voluntary, community and private sectors. It includes materials developed by practitioners delivering the pilot activities.

Key points

  • A tailored approach is needed. Different issues affect parents and families in different combinations and at different times.
  • Once provision is in place, time is required for parents and families to achieve outcomes. Progression can take time as barriers are identified and addressed.
  • All the evaluations highlight the importance of providing specialist debt and money advice. Debt sometimes dominates day-to-day life and has an impact on confidence.
  • Parents who are out of work, including those with very young children, welcome flexible support that addresses employability – by providing access to training and other provision that prepares people for work, and by addressing barriers to work.

Source: ICF GHK, Helping Families Thrive: Lessons Learned from the Child Poverty Pilot Programme, Department for Work and Pensions

Link: Guidance