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In 2012, the PSE UK research team undertook two major surveys, one on attitudes to necessities and services and one on living standards. Together, the surveys provide a detailed picture of deprivation, social exclusion and inequality in the UK. The final 2012 living standards questionnaires, annotated with the top level results for each question, can now be download below. 

This annotated questionnaire provides details on a wide range of topics such as fuel poverty and debt. For example, 6% of households have fallen behind with some or many of their bills and a further 12% have a constant struggle to keep up. 18% of households have borrowed from their family in order to pay for their day to day needs. 29% of households report that they cut the number of hours the heating was on to reduce fuel costs

The PSE UK 2012 questionnaires are updated and improved versions of the PSE 1999 and the PSE Northern Ireland 2002/3, questionnaires, which in turn were updates and improvements of the Breadline Britain 1990 and 1983 questionnaires. Details of the 2012 Attitudes to necessities and Living Standards questionnaires can be found in the left hand menu. You can download the annotated questionnaires for 1999, 1990 and 1983 below.

In Reports, you'll find the PSE UK 2012 final reports and Results analysis provides a more detailed analysis of the necessities of life survey. Explore the data offers an opportunity to investigate the data by sub-groups and across years.

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