Scottish Parliament launches child poverty inquiry

Members of the Scottish Parliament have launched an investigation into why 160,000 children in Scotland continue to live in poverty. The investigation is being conducted by the Health and Sport Committee, and the results will feed into a wider examination of health inequalities.

The Committee met with families affected by child poverty on 28 October in Glasgow, and heard first-hand the impact it has on their family life and on their children. The Committee will undertake two further evidence sessions later this year on what more can be done to eradicate child poverty, from children’s organisations and the Scottish Government.

Marion Davis for the Campaign to End Child Poverty in Scotland said: 'The Committee’s investigation is a chance to hear families’ stories and listen to their experiences. They are the experts in their own situations and by working with them we can make sure that the right support is in place when they need it. We need to increase focus and attention on the actions that are needed to give every child in Scotland the best start in life. Child poverty is not a natural phenomenon, it is the product of choices and actions made by government and society'.

Source: Press release 28 October 2013, Scottish Parliament
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