Public support for benefit cap

Polling conducted for the coalition government has suggested strong public support for the household benefit cap, under which no household is allowed to receive benefits totalling more than £26,000 each year.

The polling was conducted by Ipsos MORI in early June 2013, using an online survey. In addition, a telephone poll was conducted among people notified that they would be affected by the benefit cap and who subsequently found work.

Key findings

  • 69 per cent of respondents in the online survey said the benefits system is not working effectively, compared with just 11 per cent who said it is.
  • 73 per cent supported the benefit cap in principle, with only 12 per cent opposed.
  • Around one-third of those who said they opposed a cap of £26,000 said they did so because it was too high.
  • Almost three in ten (29 per cent) of those who remembered receiving notification of the benefit cap, or were aware they were affected, said they looked for a job as a direct response to being notified or becoming aware of the benefit cap.

SourcePublic Perceptions of the Benefit Cap and Pre-Implementation Impacts, Department for Work and Pensions
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