Life on a low income in austere times

Simon Pemberton, Eileen Sutton, Eldin Fahmy and Karen Bell

This report aims to document the reality of life on a low income during the recent recession and the beginnings of austerity, by affording primacy to the ‘voices’ of those living in poverty. It is based on 62 testimonies collected in 2012-2013 in Birmingham, Glasgow and Gloucestershire. Through these insights into the lived experience of poverty, the report explore poverty as a material phenomenon, including the deprivation of the necessities of life, as well as a relational phenomenon, that incorporates the related psycho-social impacts of life on a low income. It seeks to understand the ways in which the lived experience of poverty has changed as a result of recession/austerity and conversely, the ways that it remains constant. Watch the four films on 'Life on a low income in austere times'.

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