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The government wants to redefine poverty to be a measure of workless homes and educational attainment. But most children in poverty live in households where at least one adults works. Gill Main questions how this proposal helps tackle child...

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Mary Daly and Grace Kelly provide a compelling account of how families live with poverty in 'Families and poverty: Everyday life on a low income'. Find out more about books based on the PSE UK research, including 'Breadline Britain - the rise of...

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Find out why policy needs to shift from Broken Britain to Britain's broken labour market, and how the commitment to neo-liberalism is resulting in devastating, socially harmful consequences. Explore the Journal papers based on the PSE UK research...

The PSE website

This website is part of a major ESRC research project, Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK (PSE: UK) and offers a comprehensive research and teaching tool. The PSE UK research project is the largest ever study into poverty in the UK. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the research is based on two major surveys carried out in 2012 and two qualitative research studies.

The research found high levels of deprivation across the UK with severe impacts on people's lives. In the PSE Research section you will find full details. Under dissemination, you can find a quick overview in some of the media coverage, including artciles published by team members, or you can find a guide to the many journal papers published.  Details of the two books published to date and other books coming up can be found under books. In this PSE research section you will also find details of the main Reports publsihed, including the first report, The Impoverishment of the UK, and short accessible summaries under Key findings. Full data from the attitudes to necessities survey is now available to investigate under Explore the data and the top level results for the living standards survey can be found under Questionnaire

The PSE UK research explores poverty by directly examining people's living standards. Definitions of poverty provides an overview of different approaches to poverty. The PSE UK research draws on and develops the consensual method.

As well as providing full details of the PSE UK research project, the website includes video testimonies of living in poverty and details of projects encouraging collaboration between research and community groups as well as a searchable digest of news and views from 2011 to 2014, including specially commissioned articles on poverty and social exclusion in the UK.

Do contact us, if you have suggestions for improvements.


Breadline Britain - the rise of mass poverty by Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack. Published by Oneworld. In bookshops now. 

'Brilliant. Enlightening but disturbing' Amartya Sen