Working papers

The PSE: UK research team produced a detailed series of working papers to review developments in methods for measuring poverty and social exclusion, which can be found in methods development in the left hand menu.  In addition, the team produced a series of conceptual notes on key themes of debate in the area of poverty and social exclusion which provide short guides to both current research knowledge and the contribution the PSE: UK research will make to the debate and a series of statistical briefings outlining the underlying statistical methods used in this research project. A further series of papers covering a research analysis of the findings and a policy responses by the PSE team to government consultations can be found under Reports.

Featured Working Papers

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The PSE poverty threshold is a measure that combines multiple deprivation and low income. A 'Note' on poverty measures and 'Steps' to producing a poverty threshold - set out how this is done and outlines the tests made to ensure a reliable and discriminatory index.

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This working paper describes an experimental collaboration between members of the PSE team, the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland and communities from some of the most deprived wards in Northern Ireland. It's aim was to link local experiences to a national research project and to share their findings via digital media tools, such as the PSE website.

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This conceptual note explores the complex relationship between poverty and social exclusion and mental health problems in terms of how we might measure poor mental health, and in how we might assess the direction of causality: does poverty, or social exclusion, cause poor mental health, or does p