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Below you will find details of reports and news stories from 2015 onwards which are of particular relevance to this website.  They include stories from the UK and across the world which focus on poverty and, in particular, poverty measurement. You can search these stories by subject in the box below. 

News stories archive provides summaries of news stories on poverty and social exclusion from 2011 to 2014, the period of the PSE UK project. Under Reports archive you will find summaries of reports from academic institutes, think tanks, charities, pressure groups and government and international agencies for this period. Under Articles archive you will find artcilces esepcially wrtiten for the PSE website during this period. 

Links provides a growing list of organisations interested in research in poverty and social exclusion.  

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No poverty


This year’s theme for the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty focussed on child and family poverty. A key theme was prioritising access to quality social services.

Disappearance of poverty

A video of the 'Shame, Poverty and Health' seminar at the University of Exeter in July is now available to watch here.  The seminar explored the how poverty undermines individuals' wellbeing, confidence and dignity.

Elderly men eating

The UK Government recently agreed to measure food insecurity in the annual Family Resources Survey (FRS) – which is used to produce UK poverty statistics. Read more...

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