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Under articles, there are short analyses of a range of key topics of debate written for the PSE website by a range of authors with specialist knowledge. Links provides a growing list of organisations interested in research in poverty and social exclusion.  These two sections continue to be updated.

News stories and reports provided a comprehensive digest of developments, particularly in the UK, between 2011 and 2014, the research period of the PSE project. Since the project ended, these two sections have not been updated.

Breadline Britain - the rise of mass poverty by Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack, published by Oneworld, is out now. Based on the PSE research, it asks why, when national income has doubled, has poverty doubled.  What went wrong?

You can read about the first PSE UK report in 'PSE report reveals impoverished nation'.

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Poverty as measured by material deprivation through lack of economic resources remains absolutely central to understanding the causation of most aspects of social exclusion and a range of social outcomes, concludes the 2nd of the two-volume PSE-UK study.

Front cover image from PSE vol 1

Read more about the first of the two-volume study based on the PSE-UK survey. Find out how poverty affects people from different groups within the UK: young and old; men and women; different ethnic backgrounds; those with disabilities; and others.

Credit cards

With an estimated 3.3 million people paying more on interest in an 18 month period than they do on repaying what they owe, the Financial Conduct Authority's proposal for new rules for banks on tackling persistent debt need to be taken seriously. They could help banks as well as those in debt, argues Lindsey Burton

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