Interviews with fieldworkers: 1

The interviews for the 'Poverty in the UK' 1968/69 survey were undertaken by fieldworkers spread across the UK.  A number of these fieldworkers have been tracked down and interviewed about their recollections of working on the survey.  These video interviews throw light onto how these fieldworkers were recruited and trained, how they conducted the interviews on the ground and the problems they encountered and the impact this experience had on them at the time. Below you will find interviews with Angela Avens, Andrea Cordani and Morag Macdonal and Deidre Forsyth.

Angela Avens

Angela Avens was one of the main interviewers and covered the South West of England. The interview is in three parts:

  1. preparing for the interviews (7' 38")
  2. conducting the interviews (8' 48")
  3. any difficulties encountered (7' 35")

Andrea Cordani

Andrea Cordani conducted interviews for the final stages of the survey in some of the more deprived areas of England. The interview is in three parts:
  1. training and supervision (18' 56")
  2. the interview process (17' 53")
  3. the personal and political impact (18' 24")

Morag Macdonald and Diedre Forsyth

After graduating from Glasgow university, Morag Macdonald and Deidre Forsyth were looking for a summer job. They were recruited to work on the survey and covered  Glasgow including some of the most deprived areas. Their interview is in three parts:

  1. initial process (9' 40")
  2. conducting the interviews (13' 03")
  3. longer term refelctions (13' 13")



Publication date: 
Jan 23 2017