International research

The consensual approach to measuring poverty is now widely used in poverty research internationally – adapting and improving the method in the process. This section reports international research that uses relative deprivation to examine poverty and, in particular, the consensual method as developed in the Poverty and Social Exclusion surveys or developments from that method. Under European Union, read about the new 13-item index of material deprivation adopted by the EU in 2017. In a CROP briefing on 'The consensual approach to child poverty measurement' Shailen Nandy and Gill Main argue that this approach provides an important alternative the the narrow, minimalist definitions of poverty dominating conventional international measures.

In the films below you can hear the views of key speakers at the Second Peter Townsend Memorial Conference  on what is poverty, which groups are vulnerable to poverty and why poverty measurement matters for tackling poverty. In Definitions of poverty you can find more on how poverty can be defined.


If you are a member of a research team using consensually-based deprivation indicators to investigate poverty and social exclusion and have research papers or detail you want to share with us or link to from this site, do contact us.

Publication date: 
Aug 17 2012