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This report is just the last in a long series of attempts by the government to criminalise the sick and unemployed and suggest that they are responsible for the mess that capitalism has got itself into. We better all work out what we going to do about this before the riots hit the streets again: the young people aren't going to put up with all this rubbish.for ever.

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We have deteriorated as a society and nation. When the economy gets better, those already affluent and wealthy get richer and the rest of us bask in the glow of low paid work of some kind. When the economy contracts, the poor suffer more deprivation and poverty and the affluent and wealthy are protected by tax breaks and political parties in power who ensure affluent areas are protected and well funded. Privatization merely means the rich cream off the profit at everyone else's expense and the losses are picked up by the taxpayer. In short, a rigged economy that works for the few and actually works against the many.

Google What About Classism

I am really disappointed to learn that the government has cut back on computers and digital technology in schools. I am a pensioner and I would be lost without my lap top and ipad. It is the main way to communicate with my children, and with skype we can now speak to each other face to face. I think the government should extend a digital inclusion scheme to include all pensioners, especially those of us who are in rural communities. Thank you for pointing out this study and the available resources

Ive been exempt from paying council tax due to being disabled, but recently been told that i have to pay towards it. I use to work extremely hard and payed my way then i became ill, and lost everything including my family i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia with impulsive personality disorder, and also have extreme social anxiety, i am very much a recluse. I now have a young family and we struggle to cover all our outstanding debt. With this new law and changes to benefits its caused yet more worry, my physical health has taken turn for the worse as a result

I seriously think that mps should spend a month on standard benefits to see how we all suffer to survive, but i doubts that they would be able to handle it, the government need stop baling out other countries and start looking after there own i think george Osborne is trying to time travel backwards next he will bring back work houses, and asylums for the mentally ill instead of improving welfare system.